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  • Duet


    To prepare myself for going away, I’m writing this on my iPad. The WP app has always been notoriously flaky, and as it took three goes to load this after logging in, it is reassuring to see not much has changed in the five or so years since I did this last. I wrote two […]

  • 5-4-3-2-1

    Time is doing That Thing it sometimes does when the Universe knows I have a lot on and it needs to cut me a break. I know, it’s all personal perception at play but still, it makes everything far less stressful. I also didn’t blog personally for the second time this week yesterday, and I […]

  • Fire Escape

    Fire Escape

    Really looking forward to seeing other people again. — 🌗 Sarah Reeson 🌕 Precarious Epithet 🌓 (@MoveablePress) March 28, 2020 I never used to be that social, but in the last three years a Saturday Gym visit has become hugely beneficial. Even if I never talked to anyone, feeling part of a productive whole had […]

  • Heartbeats


    Weight is moving up. Time to change the diet again. — 🌳 Sarah Reeson 🍀 Exposed Frailties 🌳 (@MoveablePress) February 27, 2020 Don’t tell anyone, but there’s been a fair bit of celebratory chocolate this week to see off the Difficult Poetry Collection. Guilt about this yesterday forced me out for an afternoon taking pictures: I […]

  • One Week

    One Week

    I should be finishing work posts but hey, it’s Friday night and maybe it is high time I cut myself a break. Relaxing is never something that’s been easy or simple: increasingly, that will involve a treadmill and headphones. That’s how my fitness journey began, years ago… walking around the local streets, listening to music […]

  • Civilization


    I wonder if people look at their tweets over time and realise that the only way you grow as a person is to stop constantly making the same mistakes over and over again? I know I do. — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Hankering 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) October 29, 2018 One of the great advantages of sticking […]

  • Don’t Call Me Baby

    Don’t Call Me Baby

    We did Friendship on Wednesday. Today is Honesty. Some of you guys don’t like this as a concept on the Internet, that much is abundantly obvious. You’d rather maintain that air of mystery that helps make you look and feel like some kind of better, more worthwhile person. I’ll be over here, calling bullshit, and sticking […]

  • Sunrise


    Stuff has changed. You’ve not seen all of it yet, but trust me when I say to you that it has. The depth of that shift will slowly begin to show. Let’s begin. There’s been much excitement in this house over Christmas thanks to Netflix, and the Amazon Fire stick we’ve had for a year […]

  • Run for Home

    Run for Home

    There has been experimentation over the last couple of weeks with the best food for me to scoff the night before I exercise, and the pasta and meatballs for dinner yesterday may be the sweet spot hit for optimal energy and stamina. I have also gone back to protein bars after some time in the […]

  • Life on Mars

    Life on Mars

    I have a confession to make: I watch perilously little TV these days. Normally there is just not the time to do so: there tends instead to be vicarious consumption via Social media. However, as of right now I have two regular shows which aren’t missed: Quacks on BBC2 (you can iPlayer the whole thing […]