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  • Too Much Pressure

    Too Much Pressure

    I’ve not been looking forward to today, if truth be told. My weekly race looked a bit hard. I wasn’t wrong. The harder part of today however has been writing 12 poems from scratch, and I’ve only managed 10 before calling it a day. Mentally, it was a lot to ask, but tomorrow should be […]

  • The Best Thing

    The Best Thing

    ‘There will come a moment,’ my PT told me, quite early on in training, ‘when your body will start telling you things. Maybe it will be a pain that’s not normal, or a reaction to an exercise that you don’t like. When this happens, you need to learn to listen, and act appropriately.’ Yesterday afternoon […]

  • Consider Her Ways

    Consider Her Ways

    Normally my blog posts are named after songs. Today, I’m taking a book, one that was particularly significant in my youth. I remember being astounded by the main story in John Wyndham’s anthology and it having a profound effect for weeks after reading: I can’t really tell you anything about it either, because by doing […]

  • Stronger


    .@KTHopkins on UK terror: "People are cowed. People are afraid. And people are not united." #Tucker pic.twitter.com/QNFr4cY996 — Fox News (@FoxNews) March 23, 2017 Rupert Murdoch’s been around a long time. He’s a shrewd businessman and his media empire is, like it or not, as much a part of my ongoing existence as the three […]

  • Moving On Up

    Moving On Up

    People like to tell me stuff. I don’t belong in a particular group online, and have pretty much ploughed my own furrow ever since arriving in Internetland. This means that my feet straddle a lot of overlapping groups… and inevitably I’m nearly always standing at the fringes, looking in. This is absolutely not a problem, […]

  • Walkaway


    It's not that people are necessarily any more reprehensible than before. It's just that it's all online now and so are we. — Just Faith (@faithinthehouse) March 5, 2017 It is important, as we mentioned last week, to be able to step back and be objective when living in any space whose rules are defined […]

  • Freedom 90

    Freedom 90

    Ladies: never wear your best red blouse on safari. It really upsets the snakes… pic.twitter.com/AnuzJeBqbb — Pulp Librarian (@PulpLibrarian) February 12, 2017 From time to time indignation rises to a point where I decide that yes, I’ll let genuine annoyance consume me. This morning, it was a Guardian Red Carpet snapshot from the BAFTAs that […]

  • Your Game

    Your Game

    If all you care about are numbers, success can be easily devolved down to a 1/0 equation. I mean LOOK AT MY INFOGRAPHIC PEOPLE I have a 30% increase in mentions from last month! But that is frankly nothing compared with the WHOPPING 50% rise in engagements! What is my secret? I’ll tell you, it’s […]

  • Beautiful


    This lady is my hero #WomensMarch #womensmarchlondon pic.twitter.com/qnGFngOWuL — Lea (@muIderitsme) January 21, 2017 I didn’t write anything yesterday. I was too busy. History will remember it as the day modern women pointed out that yes, cross us at your peril. It was the day where #alternativefacts from the White House made everybody, including the Press, realise […]

  • Architecture and Morality

    Architecture and Morality

    ‘If something offends you, go do something else.’ I’ve spent a lot of time talking to my husband about ‘Passengers’, a film which has caused a bit of a fuss over the moral dubiousness of its plotline. I was genuinely excited about this movie when the trailers first surfaced in June, but when it became […]