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    Yesterday, in the middle of a Poetry Writing session, my brain rubber-banded back to the moment when I almost drowned during a swimming lesson as a kid. I’ve never learnt to swim as a result, and honestly don’t feel particularly safe in the water, ever. It’s something that will, in time, be dealt with, but […]

  • Imagination


    HEY GUYS LOOK WHAT I DID TONIGHT pic.twitter.com/8x9OYWe6Xf — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 🗿 Unexpected Metaphor 🗿 (@MoveablePress) January 15, 2020 Planning is everything, they say. All of us who wear these belts are in a social group together, via the proprietary app. Yesterday morning the class trainer took part in the 45 minute version, managing to […]

  • Big Time

    Big Time

    This week’s been fucking mental, it has. The 5 of 7 days with exercise is working out quite nicely: ideally I should break on Tuesday instead of Sunday, which is easily fixed going forward. Thus far, Fitbit has recorded 369 active minutes and we’re only at Saturday lunchtime. Steady momentum, meet consistency. I’ve today also exceeded […]

  • My Affair

    My Affair

    For all of today, I’ve been on my own. Youngest is in Germany, Eldest is at Grandma’s and husband is in Belgium doing a vintage bike race. I’d really like more days when there’s nobody else’s issues to worry about but my own.

  • Yesterday


    I live in Gym kit currently for one reason alone: if I have it on, there’s more chance of making it to exercise than not. Except yesterday I put on the clothes and then grasped I’d be better off not pushing myself physically. It was a day to clear the decks, throw out the rubbish […]

  • This is Mine

    This is Mine

    I’m lying in bed, having coughed and sniffed a tun of green goo out of my body, and the temptation to stay right here is immense, especially as there are no kids to look after. I’m terrible at taking care of myself, when all is said and done. It would be simpler, surely, just to […]

  • Every Day is like Sunday

    Every Day is like Sunday

    Yesterday’s revelation was a biggie: when I actually relax, I sleep better. The problem has been, at least since about October last year, that I’ve forgotten to factor in this part of the equation into the grand plan of exercise. I’ve just gone full out doing one thing and completely overlooked the other. That, of course, […]