Melody of Love

Putting in the work provides rewards. WHO KNEW?

My Blaze mentality is changing. Red numbers are for other people to fret about. The staff have a poem of mine now, which makes it abundantly clear I didn’t just sign up to this for the physical benefits of exercise. Yes, I’m pushing to improve my attainment and YES that’s utterly happening, but outside the Strength, Combat and Treadmill Zones. You want to give people the experience of being better? They have to do the work.

I’ll be over here, doing just that.


What you can’t see right now and only I can feel is the physical change to ability and stamina. I’m not getting tired lifting stuff. I can run without needing to hold onto the treadmill. However, when exhaustion hits BOY does it do that. This isn’t a problem per se, just means there needs to be some pacing along the way. It’ll happen, I’ve got months to work this shit out. It’s the stuff in-between that now matters more.

The negatives have been a game changer. The other thing you can’t see either is my waistline, that when I look down at the scales in the morning there’s nothing obscuring my feet any more. Waistline is shrinking, stomach flattening, and that alone is worth all the stress and pain. However, the biggest indicator of effort happens when I can’t see it, and that’s just brilliant.


My sleep pattern, pretty much shot since the menopause began, is showing slow signs of recovery. The harder I work, the better it gets. One assumes this is as a result of physical effort requiring more downtime to recover from, and therefore the rest of my body (and brain) benefits from the experience. I was tired this morning, not mentally which is normally the case but in legs that are now moving past maintenance and into summat far more interesting.

I am totally ready for this next step forward.

The Noisy Days are Over

DAY 4: I am immensely proud of what has been achieved this week. It’s not all done yet either, but each morning the pile of Outstanding Content [*] is being reduced. Last night a decent portion of the Writing site’s content was archived, new graphics added in order to pave the way for another 12 months worth of gubbins. It did take a year, in the end, to shift everything to where it needed to be.

Monday seems like a year ago, which of course it was. My body however is in Day 4 post Donation which means unspecified aches and pains, increased sensitivity and eating anything not nailed down. As it transpires that’s all been eminently manageable but it does mean no exercise until tomorrow morning. I’ll cope. That will entail exercise plus biking tomorrow, but hopefully a wood-fired pizza as a reward. I’ve also got a day off/overnight break planned for a couple of weeks hence at a place that looks lovely.

It will be brilliant to go somewhere new.

Give it a couple more days to get the writing sorted and the last of the schedule streamlined, and then the only sound you are likely to hear is my heart soaring at the possibility of ACTUAL FREE TIME TO DO MORE OF WHAT I WANT.

That’s gonna be great.

[*] Stuff that needs to be done, not necessarily of outstanding quality. Language matters, kids. Pay attention.