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  • These Foolish Things

    These Foolish Things

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B6xnuiknErk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Won’t mention it here again, because thirty days of telling people you’re exercising when they’re quite happy not to is quite likely to result in losing friends. This morning is noted here for two reasons alone: I turned up, at the Gym, and had to awkwardly stand in reception until they officially opened at […]

  • bury a friend

    bury a friend

    I’m trying to make friends with people. It’s tough. Once upon a time, all that mattered was similar interests… which is why so many of the people I consider as friends right now are tied together by a love of gaming. A couple of bad experiences in the last year have made me realise that […]

  • Big Time

    Big Time

    This week’s been fucking mental, it has. The 5 of 7 days with exercise is working out quite nicely: ideally I should break on Tuesday instead of Sunday, which is easily fixed going forward.Β Thus far, Fitbit has recorded 369 active minutes and we’re only at Saturday lunchtime. Steady momentum, meet consistency. I’ve today also exceeded […]

  • Come Home Billy Bird

    Come Home Billy Bird

    Last night I pulled out a half-finished NaNoWriMo idea from a while ago and read it though, just to reassure myself that writing skills have improved sufficiently for me to have a decent chance of finishing this year’s work. As it transpires, the thing’s pretty good in terms of plotting and direction, just weighed down […]

  • Different Class

    Different Class

    It is well established that ‘people’ are frightened of things they do not understand: that list can become quite long when they put their minds to it. This is apparent every time I strap on a heart-rate monitor and hit the Gym: Complexity is a killer, as is effort expended when all that needs to […]

  • Melody of Love

    Melody of Love

    Putting in the work provides rewards. WHO KNEW? – I ran NON STOP for 12 minutes– I did everything I was asked to do– I WAS SO SWEATY I COULD WRING OUT MY TOP OUT AT THE END pic.twitter.com/Ma04Q0RL9L — πŸ—Ώ Sarah Reeson πŸ“ Writer/Content Creator πŸ—Ώ (@MoveablePress) July 3, 2019 My Blaze mentality is […]

  • Golden Brown

    Golden Brown

    Hello July. We also present today EXERCISE GRAPHS with ADDED ACCOUNTABILITY :D pic.twitter.com/1KF2w9SOe2 — πŸ—Ώ Sarah Reeson πŸ“ Writer/Content Creator πŸ—Ώ (@MoveablePress) July 1, 2019 I could have come home and started working today but as it happens, going to the Gym was my first choice, so summat major’s changed between last week and this. […]

  • Look Away

    Look Away

    When I began dealing with my own mental shortcomings, I was asked to provide a description of how life felt for me at that point. I described a room with sixteen walls, with me trapped inside. On each wall was a mirror: they weren’t there for me to look into, but to reflect back my […]

  • Strange Days

    Strange Days

    DAY 2: Everything is out of place. I feel like brain’s been rifled through by unseen hands and all the important stuff moved to different places, which forces thought and time between what were normally easy actions. Blaze class this morning has been cancelled. Yes, it could be done, but not to the standard that […]

  • Let’s Get Physical

    Let’s Get Physical

    I didn't come in to this class to get fit. I came here to improve my own mental health. Currently, it appears to be working. Expectations have been met, and exceeded. Update in a month <3 — 🌊 Sarah πŸ“ Shonky Hankering 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) November 23, 2018 I did think this week would end up […]