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  • We Used to Be Friends

    We Used to Be Friends

    This is going to be quite hard to write, but it needs to be said. I seem to outlast the people I care about. Right now, there are two lovely female friends who look after me, check on my welfare and health, and listen when things get tough. Without them, my life would be beyond […]

  • The Winner Takes it All

    The Winner Takes it All

    On the To Do list is to make some headers using imagery from the Italy trip, but that involves me getting around to uploading the pictures to Flickr. It’ll happen, probably some time next week when I plan everything a bit more precisely. Sometimes, to motivate myself, I like to imagine my blog/writing is a […]

  • Even in the Quietest Moments

    Even in the Quietest Moments

    I can now Tweet up to 280 characters. I don’t intend to do that with the majority of my output, and here’s why. Watching the annoyance and frustration last night as the feature rolled out in parts of my social sphere and not others, it was almost funny to think that this change was, for […]

  • Bicycle Race

    Bicycle Race

    Today, my husband is 50. For my celebration last year he took us to Paris because that’s a place of considerable significance for us both. This year, he’s on the way to Italy, on the first part of a journey that I suspect may be just as life-changing for him as writing and exercise have […]

  • One Better Day

    One Better Day

    Dinner ❤️ pic.twitter.com/6Jlm31ZxG5 — 🌊 Sarah, Spooky 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) September 24, 2017 This last weekend was, on reflection, EXACTLY what was needed after a tough week. Yesterday’s change of location for writing was, it transpires, a masterstroke, because it has ungummed the wheels of creativity. Being able to define and steer my own future is, […]

  • Last Train to Transcentral

    Last Train to Transcentral

    Today is certainly not the first to involve literary disappointment. By 5pm I will be sad, but that maudlin state undoubtedly will be short lived. That’s the problem when you enter contests and someone else wins. However much I could sit the night before and imagine myself as successful, the harsh reality of modern publishing […]

  • Yesterday


    I live in Gym kit currently for one reason alone: if I have it on, there’s more chance of making it to exercise than not. Except yesterday I put on the clothes and then grasped I’d be better off not pushing myself physically. It was a day to clear the decks, throw out the rubbish […]

  • Round and Round

    Round and Round

    I had such lofty plans today, and thanks to seven hours sleep and the fact today’s post draft sucked monkeyballs, I’ve thrown everything away. Tomorrow I will try again to be an adult with words, but right now all I’m capable of is small sentences and barely restrained anger. The problem isn’t my planning or the world […]