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  • Time


    I’ve been meaning for a while to update this site’s look: with this change to the HTML it makes sense to try to match up animated GIF action with the headers. However, as GIPHY is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Facebook… time to look elsewhere for my sources. Eventually, of course, I’ll be able to […]

  • Immigrant Song

    Immigrant Song

    Day 1 Proper of the Summer Break [TM] because we’re not counting the two and a bit days last week, for lots of reasons. I have a lot that needs fixing, not simply because it is August on Thursday. Nothing ever gets really better without some pain and real effort. I grasp this, always have, […]

  • This Is the Day

    This Is the Day

    No Blaze today, because tomorrow is Day One of my writing event in Leeds. I’ll do an adult job of covering it on the appropriate blog, of course, but you can expect non-specific, personal wibbling here. I used to go everywhere on my own up until the birth of my son, then lots of stuff […]

  • Standing in the Rain

    Standing in the Rain

    The most important thing you can ever hope to do with anybody else is understand their motivation. Everything else is a bonus. — ๐Ÿ—ฟ Sarah Reeson ๐Ÿ“ Writer/Content Creator ๐Ÿ—ฟ (@MoveablePress) June 9, 2019 This week is not normal, as far as that is ever possible. Wednesday morning, three of us head down to Somerset […]

  • Sunrise


    Personal circumstances, once upon a time, would have been ignored in an attempt to simply plough on through progress unaffected. That can’t happen any more. My mum’s due to go in for surgery next week and as she is in her 70’s, it is not wise to commit myself to anything at all with previous […]

  • Strange Days

    Strange Days

    Iโ€™ve never had to queue this far round the Apollo before. Who are these guys again? pic.twitter.com/4YtQXO5rY3 — ๐ŸŒŠ Sarah Creates : Shonky Gubbins ๐ŸŒŠ (@AlternativeChat) May 4, 2018 Yesterday I acted as chaperone to my daughter and her best mate. We travelled to London in order to see two blokes called Dan and Phil […]

  • New Life

    New Life

    I’m sitting here having breakfast, after seeing Mr Alt off on the inaugural Velo Birmingham. This is just another race to my husband, but for me it has become a powerful metaphor, and only this morning have I fully grasped the significance. When Dave was diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes, it was a wake up […]

  • Airbag


    Here’s a thing: yesterday evening, I went to the chip shop, as both kids requested a takeaway. I’d already eaten my calorie limit for the day, and sat waiting whilst the smell of frying potato made me salivate. Chips are a major weakness, always have been. This I attribute to one of the earliest memories […]

  • Saturday


    I was awake at 1am, waiting for Mr Alt to return from a cross-country fit, and it was not nearly as tough as I’d thought. Once upon a time nocturnal was a default, but now it is far happier on everybody that I sleep early and often. Yesterday was an extra PT session, using vouchers […]

  • True Faith

    True Faith

    This time tomorrow I’ll be under general anaesthetic. Hopefully it’ll all be over by lunchtime, and I’ll be recovered enough to make it home on Tuesday night, though there is a chance they’ll want to keep me in if the proposed keyhole surgery doesn’t go to plan. Whatever happens, this is my last full day […]