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  • The Last Time

    The Last Time

    "I can't tell you the key to success, but I can tell you the key to failure is trying to please everybody." – Heath Ledger (1979-2008) — Last Exit To Nowhere (@LASTEXITshirts) April 4, 2017 The truth, such as it is, remains different for everybody, until you reach the point where grey has been completely […]

  • Every Kind of People

    Every Kind of People

    It is decided: #50Kin50Days restarts tomorrow. Where I can I will walk to and from the Gym, and it was only today that I noticed that the bridge across the main road I used to enjoy climbing up and down has vanished (they’re digging up the road around the junction and presumably needed the space for […]

  • Where I Stood

    Where I Stood

    Number of times this blog post has been deleted thus far = six. What this says to me is that I shouldn’t be sitting here writing, and I’d be far better served being outside. I have a lot of things to think about, and the best way that ever happens is when I’m pounding concrete […]