Birthday was smashing: same people forget every year, I tell them it matters a lot, they promise to be better and so on. I’ve been dreadful with birthdays this year however, so I’m gonna get proper reminders this time. That’s part of the upcoming plan. Then, when people still forget, I can ask myself if there are other reasons because making the effort is not hard.

This week there are submissions, poetry and newsletters to finalise. Half-term could not have come at a better time, frankly.

I’ll be here when I can.

All or Nothing At All


This morning has been all about Patreon, and the realisation that at least once a month I’ll need to sit down and spend time organising how this project evolves going forward. I’ve amended prices for Tiers, added a new one plus a Contest to keep content moving through to people. I’ve also gotten distracted by making new logos but this has shown up that the stuff I’m currently using isn’t as great as I’d like, and therefore there will be more design faffing once I’ve written this as I amend the IoW site for a more ‘cohesive’ look. I already know this will be needed if I start boosting my posts using Twitter’s Promote feature. It’s not like this is a surprise. However, having to do all of this is tough to get my brain around, until everything gets slotted into the plan.


I’ve also added summat extra to the exercise routine: I’m paying for Zwift every month and not using it nearly as much as I should, so yesterday I did 10 miles around the ‘virtual’ Ride London circuit. The plan is to try and do 70 miles a week, if only to get my legs into the routine of riding, and my arse an opportunity to adjust to the saddle. This will work until we go away for a mini break in the later part of the month, and I can at least get myself mentally settled with the idea. PT’s been organised to cover holidays for both myself and my Trainer, and I’ll have used up the last of my outstanding vouchers from the operation period by the end of August.

However, I’m not going anywhere today until I get this massive To Do List knocked off… ^^