You’re the One


Yesterday I drove to a Westfield that is normally visited by train, because other people doing the work whilst I sit in carriages and write poetry is the preferred method of transport. However, as I took the youngest to see her first movie alone (you should all do it, it’s a rite of passage) she was not keen on anything other than being chauffeur driven… and it was alright. Still prefer trains. Just saying.

Yesterday was also part of a promise to myself to be properly measured for bras for the first time since I began hard bastid weight training. I now wear a 34F bra, except when we get to the land of sports bras where it appears that only a 36 E will do, and I’m not sure entirely why that is, but the lovely lady in John Lewis is spot on. This is the most comfortable bra I have worn in fuck knows how long. There’ll now be a short break to see if Amazon can provide me the same, but cheaper.

[UPDATE: They could.]

Tonight is the start of Back To Back Blaze. The plan, such as it is, will be to try and exceed 80% effort on both nights. Doing this means not looking at screens and so there’s a good chance I’ll do both evenings with glasses off. If I can’t read the totals, it won’t stress me. Then it’s all about concentrating on doing the work and not fixating one the woman next to me running when she would be walking and the CrossFit guy who just never gets tired.

I gotta stop letting other people give me anxiety and just focus on the work.



I didn’t think July 9th would end up being particularly significant in my year, but as it transpires, it is. Tomorrow will be, all things being equal, when I am able to cycle like an actual grown-up. I’m scheduling two and half hours of my evening to do just that. If you’d asked me a year ago if this would have been feasible, another of those ‘don’t be fucking stupid’ reactions would have taken place.

Today’s gym session was one of the most productive and powerful experienced for quite some time. Having returned to my previous heaviest weights, it’s getting close to the point where I can exceed them. I’d give myself a month, but (of course) we’ll be on holiday then and, to make sure I don’t lose impetus whilst away, there’ll be a series of body-focused exercises to take with me that can be done without gym equipment.

Next week already has the potential to be insane. At least I can be physically prepared for whatever happens.