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  • Imagination


    This morning, a tweet sent me down a rabbit hole. i watched a bunch of spy movies and developed this extremely accurate FBI floorplan pic.twitter.com/h6ErusbsnA — monica heisey (@monicaheisey) April 6, 2016 I took one look at this and freaked, because not only is it a) funny  and b) probably more accurate than I’d care to […]

  • Alphabet Street

    Alphabet Street

    I’m not very good at building my part up on most days, but when it comes to entertainment? I think I’m FUCKING FABULOUS. Mostly this is because nobody else is going to have the belief that you’re writing a good story, and if all this time and effort’s going to be shoved summarily into words? […]

  • Fear


    Nothing is ever really good enough when you write. There is this constant need to tinker, poke and prod, and especially in situations where you know you wrote with an emotional undertone, a desire to temper. Except this morning I created a post from nothing, just left it and walked away. Normally, you’d go back […]

  • The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

    The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

    This man saved my life in the week. Not literally, you understand, but in a purely metaphorical manner, and not the actor I might add but the character that he plays. Have I confused you enough yet? That’s Gareth Mallory, current head of MI6 in Eon Productions ‘James Bond 007’ Universe and he turned up […]

  • Broken Dreams

    Broken Dreams

    I’ve set myself a new task in the Gaming side of my life, and it’s going a lot better than I ever expected. The plan was to start effectively ‘cold’ on the US Servers and see how well I survived, as a means by which I could re-energise my love of the game I’m supposed to […]

  • New Day

    New Day

    Right then. Busy week coming up, lots I need to try and do, and not all of it will be either pleasant or enjoyable. Lots I’d *like* to write about but the words are not happening nearly as freely as I’d like. In fact, stringing coherent sentences together is proving to be a real issue. […]