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  • Take a Chance on Me

    Take a Chance on Me

    This was a pleasant surprise to receive in the middle of a park in Ulverston on a breezy Saturday morning. This was also one of the things I just went for when it turned up in my feed at the start of the month. Sometimes, it is less about thinking and more just doing. Other […]

  • The Sun Rising

    The Sun Rising

    DAY 2: I’ll just leave this here. Just had the post-Christmas weigh in and, I'll be honest, this is rather satisfying… pic.twitter.com/MTIFNzA0Vq — 🌊 Sarah πŸ“ Redefined Metrics 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) January 2, 2019 Sugar cravings are non-existent. Sleep patterns are a lot less fraught after a couple of weeks off the routine, but as I […]

  • Beautiful Day

    Beautiful Day

    This is my home. Some may consider it garish and soulless, but only because they have never taken time to truly understand its depth and warmth. My home is beautiful. @mysouthend pic.twitter.com/6f1JMm94sE — 🌊 Sarah πŸ“ Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) September 25, 2018 Not gonna lie, would rather be outside. Instead, BRB, seeing if the […]

  • Wish You Were Here

    Wish You Were Here

    Okay, I can positively attest that personal clarity and focus has returned to my brain after yesterday. The focal point came at about 4.30pm yesterday afternoon when I sat on the sofa and could feel an anaesthetic ‘fuzz’ almost pulling me to unconsciousness. There was an incorrect assumption that after three days I was shot […]

  • Words


    It’s been some time since a movie stopped me in my tracks, but last night (as our kids were with their Gran and Grandad) Mr Alt and I ‘rented’ Arrival. It’s probably the best six quid I’ve spent on a film for quite some time, and although it was almost frustratingly slow to start, on […]

  • Don’t Tell Me

    Don’t Tell Me

    I love this hacked meme. pic.twitter.com/ObzYjhXUxc — James Wong (@Botanygeek) January 6, 2017 These are disturbing times we live in. The value of expertise is being rapidly devalued. People would rather save money than consider consequence: as a result of linking this news story from the Guardian yesterday, a friend revealed a reasonably horrifying truth […]

  • Ready To Go

    Ready To Go

    And so 2017 begins. I’m too old to be phased by this shit any more, and I sure as fuck know that making any sweeping promises on Day One is just asking for trouble when the month goes to double figures. Therefore, let us begin with the small and attainable goals, right here on the […]

  • This is Mine

    This is Mine

    I’m lying in bed, having coughed and sniffed a tun of green goo out of my body, and the temptation to stay right here is immense, especially as there are no kids to look after. I’m terrible at taking care of myself, when all is said and done. It would be simpler, surely, just to […]

  • Seeing Things

    Seeing Things

    I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like doing things by halves. Most definitely, I am an all or nothing girl. I totally grasp the notion of devotion too: the number of times I’ve fallen in love with people/ideas/inanimate objects and never had it reciprocated? Too many to count.Β When you play fast and loose with […]

  • The Test

    The Test

    I’m behind today, but not so far that this will cause issue. I should be doing stuff in a different order too, but for now I’m playing fast and loose with responsibility, because I can and it’s a lovely position to be in. Today, therefore, I’d like to talk about realistic expectations, because I’m terrible […]