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  • Yesterday


    Today will soon be tomorrow. When that happens, have you done enough? Did you justify your existence with merit? What do you have to show for 24 hours spent? Are you angry? Is this fatigue that drags you down? Do you wish and regret the moments passed? Too many questions, not enough answers and the problem […]

  • Alphabet Street

    Alphabet Street

    I’m not very good at building my part up on most days, but when it comes to entertainment? I think I’m FUCKING FABULOUS. Mostly this is because nobody else is going to have the belief that you’re writing a good story, and if all this time and effort’s going to be shoved summarily into words? […]

  • Oops! I Did it Again

    Oops! I Did it Again

    Yesterday, I was pointed by a friend to this blog post: a free virtual reality channel is going to be offered for the Oculus Rift (that’s the headset, pay attention) that’s nothing but porn. Now, if you’re even remotely interested in gaming you will know that VR’s about to enter its third coming (no pun intended) […]

  • The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

    The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

    This man saved my life in the week. Not literally, you understand, but in a purely metaphorical manner, and not the actor I might add but the character that he plays. Have I confused you enough yet? That’s Gareth Mallory, current head of MI6 in Eon Productions ‘James Bond 007’ Universe and he turned up […]

  • Reality Bites

    Reality Bites

    Everybody needs a reminder once in a while, that the World they live and work in doesn’t always operate in their favour. You can whine and moan all you like, but there are days when you just don’t get the breaks, and that’s exactly the way it should be. Yesterday, as it happens, was a fabulous […]

  • The Heart Wants what it Wants

    The Heart Wants what it Wants

    I have a problem. Ever since I finished my Bond ‘fiction’ before SPECTRE was released, there’s been a coda in my head. Mostly, it has a lot to do with me getting the right hump with the return of an organisation I’d have dearly liked to have seen remain dead and buried. However, as I’m […]

  • Silence is Easy

    Silence is Easy

    When it became apparent in the week that Twitter wasn’t doing an about face on algorithmic timelines, another news story popped up that’s probably more significant in the long run than the order you read your news in. The Independent reports that ‘tailored filtering’ is already a reality for a number of Verified users: that […]

  • The Closing of the Year

    The Closing of the Year

    I’ve never responded well to change, and I realise that that is at least in part responsible for my emotional shifts in the last couple of months. What I could really use right now is both emotional and intellectual comfort food, chicken and bread sauce for the soul. I have to keep checking myself, every […]

  • What’s in the Box

    Tomorrow begins Week Two of 2016, and I’m starting to grasp a few fundamental truths about how my perception of the world works. For a long time I’ve felt I’m not getting enough out of my time, that maybe with more thought and organisation I can stop myself wasting away in inertia, getting dragged down by bouts of depression […]

  • WRITING :: Words

    WRITING :: Words

    Tram is packed with North. — Ian McMillan (@IMcMillan) January 7, 2016 My main Twitter account is, 95% of the time, gaming-based. However, of late, my love of writing has begun to creep in. The main reason for this is Ian McMillan, whose account I follow after he appeared on BBC 6 Music late last […]