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  • Tomorrow Never Knows

    Tomorrow Never Knows

    I won’t forget a single person who stood behind me at the start. I know who all of you are. Thank you.

  • Northern Star

    Northern Star

    I’ve loved the Philip Pullman books for a very long time, and The Golden Compass, despite all it’s flaws and shortcomings, did a better job of introducing Alternate Oxford than the BBC version managed last night. However, in everything else, the BBC/HBO series is light years ahead of anything I suspect could or would have […]

  • Work That Body

    Work That Body

    Apologies for absence yesterday, but I’m on a bit of a mission. Now this new desk is set up, and the new machine pretty much established, it is time to get a long-ignored set of issues done and dusted. Over a decade’s worth of detritus needs to be organised, much of it removed. Right now […]

  • Even in the Quietest Moments

    Even in the Quietest Moments

    I can now Tweet up to 280 characters. I don’t intend to do that with the majority of my output, and here’s why. Watching the annoyance and frustration last night as the feature rolled out in parts of my social sphere and not others, it was almost funny to think that this change was, for […]

  • The Last Film

    The Last Film

    I’d largely given up until today trying to understand what my body has been doing in terms of weight loss and gain: with at one point a six pound variance over a three day period, it is apparent that the way in which food is now processed and stored in my body has altered, plus […]