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  • Tears of a Clown

    Tears of a Clown

    It’s never easy to be honest with yourself, it’s why so many people spend their entire lives refusing to do so. You know someone like this. Maybe today is the day when you go and start a conversation with them and maybe help them talk about what’s bothering them. It doesn’t have to be Mental […]

  • Tragedy


    I didn’t write here yesterday. I need to explain why. There is a lot of work that needs doing: physically, mentally, intellectually. Normally this would be a nightmare, but that would be the old me talking. The new me has a plan, timelines and precise objectives. It knows what is priority, and how long that […]

  • Morning Has Broken

    Morning Has Broken

    This morning, I see a remarkable amount of anger. Right now, everybody’s looking for a fight, and it is abundantly apparent that the media, big business and authority generally does not have a fucking clue what to do about ANYTHING. Rules and acceptable behaviour are, undoubtedly and inexorably beginning to alter. Nobody is safe from criticism, […]