Morning Has Broken

This morning, I see a remarkable amount of anger.


Right now, everybody’s looking for a fight, and it is abundantly apparent that the media, big business and authority generally does not have a fucking clue what to do about ANYTHING. Rules and acceptable behaviour are, undoubtedly and inexorably beginning to alter. Nobody is safe from criticism, and all that shit you did when you were younger? FUCK YES it’s coming back to haunt you.

The future is simultaneously frightening and funny, all at once.

Change however, is best when it first comes from within. In fact, never was the concept of ‘begin with yourself’ more apposite than it is right now: if everybody picked up their own litter and considered the consequences of packaging, I doubt we’d be in half the trouble that is currently the case… but that train has sailed. So, it is time to do the best that can be achieved, and to be realistic over future choices.

This elephant’s existed in the Gaming room for years, and now it is time to see whether Government decides to flex it’s muscles over corporate greed or not. Pretty much all of my enjoyment in playing certain games has been destroyed over the concept of a dice roll every time anything important had to be obtained. That’s not about to change any time soon, not looking at the previews.

Then comes the irony of people championing this ‘Classic’ version of a game that still requires you to log into the same company’s online websites, and pay money to play. The idea that somehow this is a better, more liberating form of game-play remains a lie, yet increasing numbers of people seem to believe they’re the ones exacting some kind of existential revenge on the company. You’re really not.

You’re just providing market research into what to develop in the future.


When I’ve written this, and finished the laundry, it’s time for a nice long walk somewhere, anywhere but a screen, because too much of life these days is tied to this position and whilst the weather is good, I need to be outside: not just for my mental health, but to prove a point. Evolution begins with me: breaking the long-term habits that become destructive, providing a healthy balance in all things.

Then, I need to start fixing the underlying issues that still need work, to allow proper, distinct improvement in the areas of my life which remain very much lacking.